Carmen Kobayashi, Student, Part 2

"If I have the chance and have the right connections, I’d like to be a bridge between Spain and Japan. For example, I’d like to bring people from Spain that I work with as a singer and bring groups to Japan. I want to help Japanese people learn more about flamenco."

Eduardo Rebollar, Guitarist/Instructor, Part 2

"The status of the artist has risen a lot, but the salaries are the same. Therefore, I think there’s a problem. It’s the worst time period ever to be an artist. The worst time! It’s the worst because whenever there are economic problems, they always pull resources from culture. "

Reflexiones Sobre… Flamenco Technique

"Flamenco technique today is incredibly advanced and difficult. However, the point of art, at least from my point of view, is to have something to say and to communicate that effectively. Can you talk about the approach and attitude you have with respect to your technique? "  

Reflexiones Sobre… The Word Flamenco And What It Means To “Be” Flamenco

"What do you think about the word flamenco? What does it mean to you and how has it been abused or misunderstood?"

"People often use the word flamenco to help define their identity, so what does it mean to be flamenco?"

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